Thursday, 18 November 2010

The week before

Charlie became ill towards the end of the week beginning 11th October. Me, James and Charlie were all a bit under the weather. My birthday was on the Sunday and we’d planned to go shopping on the Saturday to Chester to get some birthday presents. I didn’t feel up to it so we went on my birthday instead. We had an amazing day and spent the day shopping and had some lunch. Normally i can’t sit down while holding Charlie because he likes walking around but that day he sat on my knee quite happily taking everything in and talking to us in his own way. When we got home Chris’ parents came round and Charlie was still gurgling away. We asked him to shout James and clear as day he did! If there hadn’t been so many witnesses we would never have believed it!

The following day Charlie started showing signs of being ill. He slept for 4 hours in the morning which is unheard of for Charlie. He woke up with a temperature of 38.7 so I rang the doctors for an emergency appointment. He had a thorough check and listed warning signs to look out for, none of which Charlie had at that point. He was crying but he could be consoled, he was responsive and he was feeding well. The doctor said it was likely a virus and it would pass and just give him Calpol.

On Tuesday Charlie was still not well and Chris rang NHS Direct but again he didn’t have any warning symptoms other than a temperature. They did ask if he’d been sick and if it was green which he hadn’t.

On Wednesday I dropped James off at nursery and fed Charlie as soon as we got home. Straight afterwards he was sick (not unusual for Charlie) but this time there was green bits in it. I rang the doctors straight away and we got Charlie back in. Again it looked like it was a virus and it would pass.

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