Monday, 22 November 2010

I lost my child today

I saw this today and found it very moving

"I Lost My Child Today"

I lost my child today.
People came to weep
and cry As I just sat
and stared, dry eyed.

They struggled to find
words to say To try
and make the pain
go away. I walked the
floor in disbelief.
I lost my child today.

I lost my child last month
Most of the people went
away. Some still call and
some still stay. I wait to
wake up from this dream
This can't be real--
I want to scream.

Yet everything is locked
inside, God, help me,
I want to cry.
I lost my child last month.

I lost my child last year.
Now people who had came,
have gone. I sit and
struggle all day long, To
bear the pain so deep inside.

And now my friends just
question, Why? Why does
this mother not move on?
Just sits and sings the same
old song. Good heavens,
it has been so long.
I lost my child last year.

Time has not moved on
for me. The numbness it has
disappeared. My eyes have
now cried many tears.

I see the look upon your face,
"She must move on and leave
this place." Yet I am trapped
right here in time. The songs
the same, as is the rhyme,

I lost my child......Today.

~Netta Wilson~


  1. Katy,

    I have had a very bad day today, as four months ago I miscarried, but today I grieved as if I had miscarried yesterday. I never met my child, but you did and to have held him in your arms, to have smelt him, to have kissed him will have been most precious to you.

    I 'stumbled' across a few links on twitter and it led me to this site and I thank you for this wonderful poem, as I to feel everything that poem says.

    I can't begin to imagine your pain, but I know that despite what anybody says, you will never forget and why should you?

    Charlie is with Angels and I hope that he is looking after the child I lost. They will not feel any pain or sorrow, only love. And they will be waiting for us when it is time for us to join them.

    An Angel led me to this site tonight as they knew it is what I needed. I can not do anything to bring your Charlie back, but I know that you continue to carry his love with you, and I hope that life becomes a little easier to bear.

    with kind regards, Anna.

  2. Oh Katy - nearly 30years and this still brought tears to my eyes but pain is a natural thing and does eventually find it's natural place - Kia kaha

    Stand Tall Kaye

  3. my mother also lost her twin boys, they were just 4 months.
    but right now she have me and my sister.
    we're lost our twin older brothers.
    but today we're have her, our mother.

    i hope you can get it in to your deepest of your heart. And get a new start like my mother. one day your beautiful day will come to you again and again.

    i hope you'll be better soon.

  4. I gave birth to boy/girl twins last year and they both had meningitis within the first 10 days of life. We lost our boy so quickly - he stopped feeding on day 7 and within 20 hours left us. Our girl was tested and blood results came back similar. She got very sick and we had to sign her up for an experimental drug here in the US to give her a chance to fight it. She survived and turned one year old a few days ago and is doing quite well. But everyday I look at her she reminds me of him. Not a minute goes by that I don't wish I could have even taken care of him a little longer.
    You are very lucky to have been able to hold Charlie for 3 months, to have fought with him and taken care of him.
    Know that you are not alone. You are an inspiration to other mothers like me who have lost a child to do something positive out of this horrific experience. Thank you. I hope that soon, the pain will become easier to bear.