Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tuesday 26th October

When we arrived in the morning Charlie was very pink and swollen from the blood transfusion. He was a big baby anyway but none of the staff could believe he was only 3 months old. He was frequently mistaken for a six monther. The MRI wasn’t done until 2pm so they told us it would be late when we got the results if at all. Sure enough we were told around 5.30pm that it would be the morning before we found out. Charlie was still sedated, he had been since Friday. He was on a ventilator and had tubes sticking out all over. Occasionally he was able to have milk through his feeding tube through his nose but at times it was causing problems so he wasn’t able to. They let me feed him through the tube sometimes, not quite like breastfeeding! He didn’t have one drop of anything else but breastmilk in his short life even in hospital, i’m quite proud of that fact ;) In fact he had last breastmilk right before we took the ventilator out.

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