Sunday, 31 October 2010

My baby

I want to write out the story of what happened last week but i want to start Charlie's story from the beginning. The beginning being last November when i found out i was pregnant. Friday the 13th November to be exact. I suspected i might be pregnant as a pregnancy test from Home Bargain showed a glimmer of a line the night before. After much squinting and analysing i decided as it cost me a £1 for 2 tests they probably told you you were pregnant anyway and not to read too much into it. The following morning i spent a small fortune on a "real" test which was pretty conclusive in it's bright blue cross. Of course Chris chose this day to not answer his phone so he was the third person to find out we were expecting our second baby (after my mum and Leah). He had a sneaky suspicion though from the test the night before and i had to tell someone!

8 months later, almost to the day, on 15th July Charlie Benjamin was born. A full head of dark hair, the most beautiful eyes and perfect in every way. Bloomin huge too! Charlie was the spit of me as a baby but he certainly didn't have my build. At my 36 week scan his legs were measuring almost 42 weeks. He was never fat though, always perfectly proportioned. I always said my laid back, chilled out, beautiful baby would be a heartbreaker. How right i was.