Thursday, 14 July 2016

Our Imaginary Son

Our Imaginary Son

Our imaginary son
Is six years old
With jet black hair
And freckles on his nose

He is a cheeky young man
So tall and strong
Bright for his age
At the end of Year One

He can read and write
Tell us stories about his day
Has lots of good friends
Who come around and play

He celebrates his birthday
With a party and a cake
Two hours of soft play
May have been a mistake

He's funny and mischevious
Just like his big brother
They fight like cat and dog
But we know they adore each other

He is protective of his sister
The baby of our house
No boys will come near her
While Charlie is about

Our son is not a baby
He grows up every year
He lives in our imagination
A life without fear

We don't know what he would look like now
What achievements would have come
But we keep him alive in our hearts
Our imaginary son


  1. Absolutely beautiful ❤❤ xxx

  2. Absolutely beautiful ❤❤ xxx

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