Sunday, 27 October 2013

Three years later

It's been two years since I last updated and as tomorrow is the third anniversary of Charlie's death I thought I would make a new post. For the most part we are doing very well, life moves on although things are very different. Charlie now has a little sister Emily and she and James are little rays of sunshine for us. They are adorable and bonkers in equal measures! Charlie is a constant presence in our lives. We talk about him daily, his pictures are up around the house and James always includes him on drawings of his family at school. My poor children are subjected to kisses and cuddles every few minutes as i'm so grateful to have them with me.

We've now raised over £25,000, in fact a successful fundraiser on Friday means we're around £26,000. It all goes to the newly merged meningitis charity Meningitis Now. £26,000 can help an awful lot of people cope with life after meningitis. We've been very busy with the awareness side too. In the past few weeks Charlie's story has been in Woman's Own and I was filmed for the "Keep Watching" campaign which will be coming out shortly.

We took the kids to Charlie's grave for the first time today. James took it in his usual stride and asked if Charlie had any more graves we could go and visit, oh and could we come back next week with some toys for him?? Emily was more interested in the cat ornament placed on his grave. She spend the whole journey home saying "bye bye Charlie" which was very cute.

I find the anniversary of his death the hardest time of year, even worse than his birthday. I relive every moment the week before and it doesn't seem to get any better as the years go on. Three years has been a blink of an eye and yet an eternity since i last cuddled my baby boy. The fight goes on and we have no plans to stop our campaign. I never know what i'm going to be asked to do next and but i always say yes with Charlie whispering in my ear.


  1. Dear sweet Charlie, you will never be forgotten.

    Katy, you are one if the strongest woman I know. Even though, at times, you may not feel like it. You're an inspiration and a source of hope for so many.


  2. He's left his mark worldwide. Thinking of all of you today and tomorrow particularly. *hugs*

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  4. I've cried the whole time reading your story, and honestly I was just looking on where I can buy the wrap that donates to your charity.<3 So glad to see that the sun can still shine :)