Friday, 15 July 2011

Happy birthday Charlie

Happy 1st birthday to our wonderful little Charlie. I just don't have any other words than that today.


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Charlie

    Much love,
    (South Florida, USA)

  2. Happy first birthday Charlie. Hope you have all managed some happy memories today celebrating your gorgeous boy x

  3. Happy Birth Day sweet Charlie!

  4. happy birthday charlie
    love nicola, kevin and Lily

  5. Hi there,
    So lovely to hear ur story. your charlie was and still is a blessing to you all.
    I lost my son 6 years ago,Zak aged 18 months to the same illness as your son.
    I wish I was as strong as you are, even though everyone tells me I am. But I am sure you know what it really feels like on the inside, I don't have to explain to you how weak you really feel when no one is looking.
    all the best.
    Saira x