Wednesday, 9 March 2011


In the early hours of this morning we reached 100,000 hits! We just can't believe how far it's come. When i first wrote it i thought maybe a few of my friends would read it but within 24 hours of posting it on Facebook it had 6,000 hits. We thought that was incredible but would never have believed that less than four months later we would hit 100,000! 300 celebrities have retweeted it and the total of their combined followers is over 37 million.

It seems fitting that we reached this milestone today. A year ago today i had my 20 week scan and we found out we having a healthy baby boy. We went shopping afterwards and bought his first few outfits, James chose a dinosaur vest for him. We were going to keep the sex of the baby a secret until he was born but James came home and told his Grandma that we'd bought some blue clothes so that lasted all of a day! We went out for a meal that evening and pretty much decided then that he was called Charlie. His middle name took a bit more negotiating ;)

So a year later and 100,000 people have read Charlie's story. Sadly it doesn't bring our baby back but it's a lovely way to remember and honour him. Thank you to everyone who has helped us with our campaign.


  1. What an amazing achievement Katy and Chris. The full extent of the difference you've made to people, I guess you'll never truly know but what an amazing tribute and legacy to a beautiful and truly special little boy. I know Charlie's watching down on you and knows exactly what you're up to and I'm sure he couldn't be more proud :) It's clear to see why Charlie chose you to be his Mummy and Daddy. Lots of love, Nicola xxx

  2. Well done on an amazing achievement. I never met Charlie but his photos show his character so clearly, a 'cheekychops' indeed; I feel I know him very well from following the progress of this amazing story! Well done and God bless you all.
    With much love, Beverly and Duncan Curry. XX