Thursday, 16 December 2010

My freezer

Just in case you wanted to see what 300 ounces of milk looks like...this was my freezer before my milk was collected yesterday...


  1. wow well done how long did it take to do that and how often do you express? msybe i should express and donate now thomas feeding less frequently

    anna bruce -hou

  2. I get about 100 ounces a week so this is just under 3 weeks worth. I express twice a day, once in the evening and then first thing in the morning. If you want to donate then click on the link on the right, there's lots of good info or just send me a message if you want help. It's so helpful for the premature babies and even a small amount can make such a difference to them. One ounce can feed a tiny premature baby for a day xx

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. It is my prime worry - maningitis - as just in your lovely boy's case there can be no symptoms at all.

    What has touch my heart the most though is the fact that you are expressing boobie milk for other babies - that is just so awesome and admirable. I was breastfeeding my little girl while reading that and had a good cry! I can't imagine how hard it must be for you still having milk, but at least it is going for such a good cause! I bet all those tiny babies will be so thankful!

    Much love to your family! And I hope you reach the 1000!

  4. Well done. I am so in awe of how brave you are. I have passed your blog onto a number of my friends and asked them to do the same. I am sure you are saving more lives than you will ever know.
    Best wishes and hugs,
    Rachael (Nantwich)

  5. Posted from long-roadtoruin (moved from Wow)...

    You're amazing for the donations and keeping on.

    I donated through the UK system to my local NICU. Over 900 oz donated over 6 months. To keep going like you would have been impossible. You're a hero